Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Tristan Woodroffe

My letter to Sylvia:

 Sylvia (16) want's to get emancipated. She want's to get emancipated because she says she has "a lack of freedom, a college boyfriend, and is forced to share a room with her sister." Sylvia wants to get emancipated.  Legally independent from her parents for these reasons. 

Although this is what Sylvia wants to do; I have to disagree with her choices. Sylvia needs to be financially independent and have a stable job before getting emancipated. She's going to have to pay for food, rent, school etc. Plus you can't get a job with a high school degree that can pay for all of those needs. Chances are, Sylvia also still needs her family's support. She's still young and needs support emotionally, financially etc. Getting emancipated is also very hard to do. It's a long legal process that can be lengthy and complicated. I really don't think it's worth it.

My opinion and advice for Sylvia is too just wait. Don't get too ahead of yourself. If this is what you really want then just wait until your 18. Only 2 years. Sylvia should just try to make compromises with her family and work on communication and letting them know her needs. She should try getting a job and learn how to financially support herself before doing anything drastic like emancipation. If her college boyfriend really loves her and wants whats best for her then he will wait for her and support her no matter the circumstances.

In conclusion. I think Sylvia's reasoning to be emancipated is poor. Unless your parentals are abusive or neglect you, I would just stay put. Deal with your issues and move on. Poor kids in Africa would love to share a room with their sister/have a lack of freedom and a college boyfriend. Be grateful for the things in your life that you do appreciate. Sylvia needs to be mature and wait. In closing it is what best of Sylvia and her future. 

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