Monday, January 30, 2012

Calvin Mountain

Calvin Mountain
Mr. Anderson
English 2B

Some people just don’t realize how lucky they are; food, shelter, friends and family. This is for the benefit of one Sylvia who doesn’t seem to realize how lucky she is. Sylvia is a 16 year old girl that wishes to be emancipated from her home on the grounds that she is restricted, cramped and her boyfriend is in college. Sylvia should stay home because if she was to move out then chances are that she will be more limited, less comfortable and less likely to get through to college.
The first reason Sylvia wants to leave is because she is restricted by her parents, but the truth is that although she would be free of her “restrictive parents”, she could have many other greater restrictions. “63% of all emancipated children end up on drugs or in the hospital with permanently damaging injuries within only 6 months. “Within 6 months… 63% are on drugs, or in the hospital with permanent damage.” (Emancipated children protected?) Sylvia would not have the odds in favor of her being “Healthy” when she reaches 17 if she wants to move out. She should stay home because she would likely be less restricted than if she was to move out.

Another reason Sylvia should stay home is although she feels cramped now she is likely to be more “uncomfortable than before. She is likely to be more uncomfortable than before. She could be in jail, homeless or involved in human trafficking before 1 year of her leaving has passed. “ Less than one year after  emancipation an estimated 10% of girls are involved with human trafficking… 60% are homeless and 10 % are in jail.” (Post emancipation statistics)  These numbers show that she is likely to be less comfortable than before if she leaves. Sylva doesn’t seem to realize that her life could be much worse, therefore she should stay.

Sylvia should stay at home because her chances of going to college would be very poor if she was to leave. The emancipated children committee did a study that showed very few emancipated children go to college, much less finish. “…25% of emancipated children go to college and just 31% of the 25% actually graduate.”  (EEC & Graduation study) This shows that only 25% of all emancipated children go to college and only 31% of those continue on to graduation. Sylvia should stay home because it would greatly improve her chances of going to and graduation from college like her boyfriend is doing.

Sylvia Should stay home because she will probably end up being more limited, uncomfortable and unlikely to get to and through college. Sylvia feels restricted now, but if she leaves she is likely to be more restricted just in different ways.  She also feels trapped but if she was to be emancipated she be in jail or involved in human trafficking or homeless within 6 months. This young girl feels that her boyfriend being in college has a bearing; if she stays home she will have good chances of going to college and be with him. In conclusion Sylvia should stay home because her life would be much harder if she was to leave.

Alex Rambousek

Dear Sylvia,
Don't leave!!! By emancipating yourself from your home, you will have many problems later in life. There is a great family with you right no. like my mom used to say, "You don't know what you have until it's gone." There are many reasons for you to stay right where you are right now.
First off, if you run away from your home at 16, where would you go? You wouldn't be able to stay with your boyfriend because he is at college, and the college campus wouldn't let you stay there. Staying at a friend's or relative's house wouldn't work either because the would most likely send you home after a day or so. Also, if you stayed at a homeless shelter you would be in a less comfortable position than you are already in. For example, you will be sharing a room, and most likely, there will be more people to share the room with. You may have a bit more freedom than yo have now, but you will also have more responsibility. Since you really have nowhere to go, you shouldn't run away.
Secondly, if you did find a place to stay, how would you earn a living? At the age of 16 it is already hard to find employment because you most likely will not have much history of job experience, if any at all. Also, a job at 16 is not going to be a high paying job. You will start off on minimum wage, which probably won't be enough to pay for food and shelter, and your pay will increase very slowly up a short line. Because it would be difficult to earn a living at the age of 16, you shouldn't run away.
Third, why do you want to leave at the age of 16? Why don't you pack up your bag right now and leave? At the age of 16 people are not going to take you as an adult. You will not be able to get a high-paying job, and you will not be able to find a good place to live. If you wait until you are 18, then your life will be much better off in the long run. You'll be able to finish high school, which will give you a lot more job choices. Also, when you're 18 you are technically an adult. By being an adult people will wee you differently and have more respect towards you. Since your life will be better off if you wait until 18 to leave the house, you shouldn't run away.
Running away isn't going to solve your problems, if anything, running awya will only make your problems worse. When you run away, there isn;t really any place for you to safely go. At the age of 16, it's difficult to find a well-paying job that you could happily live with. By running away at 16, your family and friends will be worried about you, and it will be difficult to survive on your own. If you care about yourself, DON'T LEAVE!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Brian Stoltenberg

Have you ever had a problem with your sibling(s)? Do you have a problem telling them to not touch your stuff? Do they break your stuff? Are you frustrated and want to yell at them? Well from breaking stuff to yelling emancipation may be the answer.

Emancipation is pretty much divorcing your parents from you at a young age and living on your own. Your need for food, shelter, clothing and money become something that is necessary. Your parents may become worried but just get a place to stay and the worrying will cease. Just maybe you can live with a family member till you get a steady job. Steady jobs are hard to find but when you find one you need to work hard to keep it.

There is a girl named Sylvia who has a problem with her sister. She is sixteen and thinks it better if she got emancipated. Her sister doesn’t know what personal means. And is always getting into Sylvia’s stuff. Sylvia’s sister needs to learn the boundaries and Sylvia needs to make a smart choice.

Should Sylvia get emancipated or not? She should at least try to straighten things out with her sister. If her sister doesn’t agree. She can just ask to be moved or move in with an aunt before even considering emancipation. Emancipation is a big question and sixteen is not an educated age I know. But if Sylvia sets parameters and her sister doesn’t follow them then she should consider emancipation.

Loss of family ,loss of shelter and loss of money are all downsides to being emancipated. Emancipation should be for the grown up to decide. Sylvia is only sixteen and she thinks she knows everything. Sylvia is ruining her life and the life of her family by being emancipated. So from lack of personal freedom to her age(16) to not enough personal space Sylvia is left to decide whether emancipation is a good choice or not.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daniel Sklyarov

Daniel Sklyarov
Mr. A
English II
Dear Sylvia,
            Some people don’t have the opportunity that you were gifted with. You’re a good friend and I don’t think it’s a good idea to be emancipated from your home. You are going to make this too hard for yourself, and you are going to struggle financially, because many 16 year olds get a job. The reason why you shouldn’t move out is because of money, parents, boyfriend, and school.
            One of the reasons why you shouldn’t move out is because of money. Now-a-days it’s much more difficult for a 16 year old to get a job, because many jobs require that you must be at least 18 years old to work. Some jobs that accept 16 year olds don’t have a good pay for living on your own. That’s why money is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move out.
            Another reason why you shouldn’t move out is because of your parents. The reason why parents are another reason for you to stay is because they can always provide everything for you. They always give good advice when you don’t know what to do in a certain situation. This is why parents are a good reason for you to not move out. What would you do without them?
            The third reason why you shouldn’t move out is because of your boyfriend. The reason why your boyfriend is an obstacle for you to move out is because your boyfriend lives with his parents. That’s not a good example especially when he doesn’t have a job. You van love this guy, be he is not capable of taking care of a family. This is why your boyfriend was a reason for not moving.
            Last reason why you shouldn’t move out, because of school. The reason why school is another obstacle for you to move is that you still have a lot to learn in school. You have to finish school in order to start a life by-yourself, or have a job. That is why school must be finished before moving out.
            The reason why you shouldn’t move out is because of money, parents, boyfriend, and school. You don’t have enough money. Your parents control your freedom. Your boyfriend lives with his parents and he’s broke. You haven’t finished school yet. It’s better to stay at home with parents, because they can take care of you.
Daniel Sklyarov

Cody Burkheimer

Dear Sylvia

Please take this into consideration Sylvia that there are consequences to emancipating from your home. First of all, you don’t have a supportive job you can thrive off of. Also you have to be 18 in order to move out, and buy/rent a home. Finally you don’t have a car to get your self back to where you are going to live. That is why you should not emancipate, you don’t have a high enough income, you aren’t 18, and you don’t own a car.

If you want to emancipate, you need more than minimum wage of $8.50 per hour. Also you need a high school diploma to have higher paying job , but you aren’t even out of high school. Finally you need to work Mon-Fri full time, but again you cant work on week days because of school reserving those days. That is why you should not move out, your income is not high enough to support you.

You also aren’t at the the age of 18. The reason you should be 18 is because you are considered an adult. Also in order to legally own or rent a home you must be 18. And usually by 18, you are out of high school by then, so you can work full time and own a home. That is why you should not emancipate from your home.

Although you may have a drivers licences, you don’t own a car. Cars can be expensive to buy or maintain. Even when you manage to buy a car, you have to pay a certain amount of money depending on the car to register it, and periodic renewal of the tabs. Also you have to pay for gas which is getting quite expensive. That is why you should not emancipate from you home, if you can’t afford a car you can’t afford to move out.

Those are the reason should not emancipate. You don’t have a high enough income to support you. You aren’t at the age that will benefit you most. And you lack a car to get you from place to place. So please think this through before doing so, than regretting it later.

A friend

Alex Soncrant (:

Dear Sylvia,
    Have you thought about the responsibilities? Getting emancipated and living on your own at 16 us a big deal. Sylvia don’t get emancipated from your parents because your relationship with your parents will be ruin, having to provide for yourself, your boyfriend won’t provide for you, and keeping up in school will be hard.
    First, Sylvia don’t get emancipated because you’ll lose any good chance of having a good relationship with your parents. If you do this it will probably upset your parents and make them feel like you don’t care about them anymore. After getting signed away from them they most likely won’t want anything to do with you. Do you really want to risk loosing them? You will lose your relationship with your parents if you get emancipated.
    Second, getting emancipated means you will have to provide for yourself. You won’t have your parents there to help you with everything, you’d be all on your own. Are you ready to live on your own, make your own money, pay the bills, and having to do everything yourself? Sylvia you won’t have anyone to always be there for you anymore. Having to provide for yourself is all apart of getting emancipated.
    Third, even though you have a boyfriend, doesn’t mean he will always be there for you. He is in college and you’re in high school. College guys aren’t that trust worth!! Any guy is really not that trust worth. Also you’re 16 and he’s old! Don’t move out and depend on a guy until you’re married. At least your parents are more trust worthy. Just because you think you can depend on him now doesn’t mean you will always be able to. Don’t get emancipated because you think you have a trust worthy boyfriend in college.
    Also, getting emancipated means you will have to keep up on your school alone. Isn’t getting school down hard enough with your parents around to help you and remind you to do it? Think about how hard it’s going to be to do it all alone.  Getting emancipated Sylvia means you won’t have anyone there to help you with your school.
    Sylvia, you shouldn’t get emancipated from your parents because of all the responsibilities. First getting emancipated will probably ruin your relationship with your parents. Second, you will have to provide for yourself. Third, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean he will always be therefor you. Also, keeping up in school, on your own, will be hard. Sylvia have you really thought this through?

    - A Friend 

Caitlyn Burns!

                My Dearest Sylvia,

It has come to my attention that you (Silvia) have been seriously considering emancipation for a number of silly reasons.  After some severe, migraine potential, thinking on my part,  I have done what any, good for nothing, self respecting boyfriend would do and have developed these Earth-Shattering reasons for you to pursue this silly notion of yours. I think emancipation is a good idea for you because; Your sister is creepy, you lack the personal freedom you require in order to pursue your passions, and you won’t even have to find a dumpy apartment seeing as one had already been provided.
                One of the reasons you should opt for emancipation involves your creepy sister. Your sister has a very upsetting childhood and, I fear, has developed an unhealthy craving for human flesh. This type of fetish is typically identified as cannibalism which is frowned upon if not illegal in most countries. I greatly worry about the fact that you share a room with your severely messed up sister, she will either be a horrible influence on your person, or she will end up eating you. Your creepy sister is my first reason as to why you need to move out!
                Another reason for you to pursue emancipation is your personal freedom. You have very controlling parents who have completely forbidden you from following your dream and becoming a mercenary. These parents of yours are set in their ways and want you to become a plumber. They would rather watch you die than bear the shame of having you pursue your dreams. I think you should divorce your parents because of your lack of personal freedom.
                One final reason for you becoming emancipated is that you won’t even have to worry about finding suitable living quarters seeing as I have graciously offered you the use of my humble abode. My meager dwelling is equipped with three bedrooms, twenty bathrooms, thirteen kitchens and ninety torture chambers so I suppose I could lend a pretty girl the use of my personal space and help a fellow victim of today’s economy. You may have to deal with me leaving the toilet lid up from time to time and avoid any ‘science experiments’ left in the refrigerator, but, other than that, I am an almost tidy person. Because you won’t have to worry about finding an appropriate abode, you should move out of your parent’s house.
                As you can see, my conclusion stated that you should move out because your sister is a cannibal who will either corrupt you, or eat you. Your parents want you to e a plumber instead of a mercenary, thus restricting your personal freedom. Plus, appropriate lodgings are not an issue whatsoever because you have an amazing boyfriend (AKA me) and I will be more than happy to let you use my living quarters! . I think emancipation is a good idea for you because; Your sister is creepy, you lack the personal freedom you require in order to pursue your passions, and you won’t even have to find a dumpy apartment seeing as one had already been provided. So, take your fate into your own hands and move out!
Dilbert, your boyfriend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scott Landwehr

Dear Sylvia,

You should not move out from your home. You have friends and family that care about you very much, including myself. The world would be a confusing place to be in without proper guidance. You also have many more opportunities here at home with us.
First, many people know you, and you’re a kind person to everyone here in town. To me your one of my best friends, we have known eachother since pre-school. I couldn’t even think about not being able to see you again.
Secondly, the world is a confusing place Sylvia, and I wouldn’t want to see you go through it alone. It might look simple, but it’s really complicated. If you think you can tackle it on your own without the proper guidance, things can turn ugly.
Thirdly, things here at home are not so bad. Your friends and family love you and couldn’t bare to see you leave. You may have to share a room with your sister, and follow certain household rules, and make things work with a college boyfriend, but please try and make the best of what you have now.
I hope you can make the right decision for yourself. Your friends cant bare to see you leave our lives. The world is a very strange place for a young woman to endure. Also, things here at home can be much better than they may seem. Please make the right decision.

~ A Friend

Annii Miles :]

Don't Leave, Sylvia!

The best parties in town, complete with boys, food, and at no cost to you. Sylvia, if you leave your home you won't have access to any of these things. I know you are feeling restricted from your boyfriend, and upset at having to share a room with you sister, among other things, but all this could be to your benefit. Sylvia, even though you feel like a prisoner at home, you should stay there because you have plenty of food, clothes to steal form your sister, boys in your neighborhood, and a house for parties.

The first reason that you should stay at home, Sylvia, is because you have healthy food. Although you may think that you can live off of cheap fast food having free, and healthy, food will help to keep you from feeling sick and tired. A dietitian from Harvard conducted a national experiment and recorded the results in his book. “Those who eat at McDonalds less than three times a week will live long and healthy lives.” (The Art of Fast Food 107). Having home cooked meals will save you from having to eat fast food, which can make you sick. Sylvia, even though you dislike your home, you should stay for the food.

A second reason for staying at home, Sylvia, is because of all the clothes you can steal from your sister. Sharing a room means you can also share a wardrobe, which in turn means twice as many clothes, which can be very useful. A fashion expert, Resemee Aljervaunhume, states on her website; “Girls who take clothing from younger, less fashionable, delinquents have the rare opportunity to expand their cultural taste, a skill that can later be useful in certain careers.” (The Un-Fashionable 4). Though your younger sister's clothes may seem un-salvageable, if you are able to use them it could become useful one day when you're looking for job, this wont be available if you leave home. Even though staying at home means staying with your sister, it also means you have your sister's clothing to wear, which is why you should stay, Sylvia.

Another reason why you should stay at home, Sylvia, is because of all the boys in your neighborhood. Although you may miss your boyfriend, you have plenty of boys nearby. According to a local census; “65% of the population of Pillsburry consists of 16 to 20 year old males.” (2011 Census). Because of all the males nearby in your age range, you do not even need to think about your boyfriend. Sylvia, having a boyfriend miles away may seem tough, but if you stay at home you will always have a boy close at hand.

The final reason that you should stay at home, Sylvia, is because of the party space. If you are at home you will have the perfect place to invite friends over to for a great time, without the cover charges. “Married couples leave their home on vacation every one to two months.” (Algorian Travel Institute). Couples like to get out of the house, especially married ones, which leaves it open for you to host parties. If you stay at home, Sylvia, you will have a free location to entertain guests at every few months.

My friend Sylvia, I know you feel like your parents are oppressing you, but if you consider that you have plenty of healthy food to eat, your younger sister's clothes to borrow, plenty of boys nearby, and a free party haven, I would encourage you to stay at your current address as long as you can.

Gabrielle Roberts

        Emancipate: "To set free from restrictions." Sylvia, being your best friend, I know how much you would like to be emancipated from your home. Because of your lack of personal freedom, having to share a bed with your sister, and because your boyfriend is in college, you just want to be free. Sylvia, I recommend that you do not become emancipated from your home because you have no source of income, less than two years left, my parents will never let me see you again, and you have no where to live,

         First, because you have no source of income Sylvia, you should not become emancipated from your home. You have no job, no savings, no allowance, and your boyfriend barely makes it by supporting himself, you would not be able to even buy a pack of gum. Just last year you said, "I am so broke I can't even afford a .99 cent burger!" Since you haven't come into any money since then, what makes you think you can afford that burger now? Sylvia, you should not become emancipated from your home because you have no source of income.

        Second, Sylvia, you should not become emancipated from your home because my parents will never let us each other again. My parents are over-protective and try to control every aspect of my life, cutting out every "bad" influence. When my parents heard about you considering emancipation, they told me if you did they would "never let me see you again." My parents believe you would be a terrible influence on me if you were ever to become emancipated. Please Sylvia, because we would never see each other again, do not become emancipated from your home.

        Additionally, you should not seek emancipation from your home Sylvia because you have less than two years with them anyways. You are almost 17, if you have survived this long, you can survive less than two years. As Edmund Forest once said, "If you have made it through all these years, what is a few more days of torture when you know freedom is near?" Same concept applies, you you have made it this far, go all the way, because freedom (without a price) is near. Sylvia, you have less than two years, so you should not eek emancipation from your home.

        Lastly, because you will have no where to live, you should not become emancipated from your home Sylvia. If you have no where to live, you will be living on the streets, and that would be incredibly dangerous. 65% of all females living on the street alone end up being kidnapped. Living on the streets could prove to be fatally dangerous for you. Sylvia, you should not become emancipated from your home because you will have no where to live.

        In conclusion, as you best friend Sylvia, I advise you against seeking emancipation from your home. You have no money coming to you. Sylvia, we would never be able to see each other again. You have less than two years left living at home. You have no house, no where to stay. Emancipation is not a wise choice Sylvia, stay at home and appreciate what you've got before it's gone all together.

Daniel Andrews

The Negative Effects of Sudden Emancipation

  Many young people experience domestic problems often related to parents, restriction, or other external influences such as friends, teachers, or other relations. You, Sylvia are not the only one. It is understandable that you are upset about having to share a small bedroom with your sister and about your lack of personal freedom, but emancipation seems somewhat a selfish over-reaction. Sylvia, you should not seek emancipation from your parents because you will not be protected, you could miss out greatly on personal relationships, you will have a hell of a bad time providing for yourself, your actions could provoke the destruction of your whole family.
  Firstly, Sylvia you should not seek emancipation because, if successful, you will lose the protection a family home provides. Not only protection from thieves and rapists but also from the outside world in general. Homes provide a place for you to escape the outside world when it has simply become too much and you are tired. By emancipating yourself you will be housing with the world; unable to escape it. Young people are known for wanting to see the world but they are rarely prepared for it and should become prepared by exposure in small doses; Small doses you can receive only in a family home. Because of this, you, Sylvia, should remain living at home because otherwise you will be unprotected.
  Furthermore, you should stay at home because of the personal relationships you have built in your home. Though these may be shaky at times the best friends are those who have known you "forever." By knowing and interacting with someone else from a young age, you affect how the other's mind and personality develop. It follows that if a person helped shape someone else they would know better than anyone how the person reacts and thinks. Sylvia, the relationships you have developed in your family are a great example of what you will miss out on and why you should not emancipate yourself.
  Aside from your personal relationships, you, Sylvia, will have a very, very, hard time providing for yourself after emancipation. There are a very few people who would be willing or capable of providing for you. You will have a hard time providing for yourself because of the restrictive laws surrounding work for minors. These laws could indirectly limit your income and though your boyfriend may be willing to help you, you must ask yourself the question: will he be able to? Sylvia, take this sobering and realistic information into account and make the choice to remain in your home.
  Lastly, emancipating yourself could offend your family and result in division and frustration within your family. Sylvia, removing yourself from your home cold easily be taken by your parents as a blatant act of hate. this kind of emotion could result in serious family issues like divorce, blame, and hate. Many parents, after losing a child to something will blame eachother and isolate themselves, only making a greater problem than before. These situations almost always drastically alter people's personality and sanity. Again Sylvia, it is important that you realize all the possible consquences of your actions and refrain from seeking emancipation.
  In conclusion, you, Sylvia, should remain with your family and not seek separation because you will lose protection, you will greatly miss out on the personal relationships you have built in your family, you will not be able to provide for yourself, and you could easily destroy your family with this singe act. Think about the protection a family home provides, which you would lose. Another thing you could easily lose is the personal relationships you have built during  your life. Also, finding a decent job at 16 will be extremely difficult. One more thing to consider, Sylvia, is the effect this will have on your family, it could destroy all of them as easily as a sledgehammer can destroy a toilet. Therefore Sylvia,  you should think deeply on the effects this will have not only on you, but on your family.

Sammie Bickel

Sammie Bickel
Mr. A
Eng 2B

Want to be emancipated? To be emancipated is to kick yourself out of the house, by law, when you are a minor. Well, in Sylvia’s case, she should forget about being emancipated. It would be best for Sylvia to stay home because she has a low percentage of finding a job and home, it’s very dangerous being out in the world, and it would grow her patience to stay home.

One reason Sylvia should consider not to emancipate herself at 16 is because she would have a difficult time trying to find a job and apartment. According to a survey conducted by the J.F.B. (Job Finding Bureau), 90% of employers won’t accept minors to work for them. And the 10% that allows persons under the age of 18 to work, the punk employee will only receive 50% of what adults would normally earn. And with the prices of apartments rising, it would be next to impossible to have enough money to pay for the rent, water bill, electrical bill, and have money left over for food and recreation! If you ask me, Sylvia would either turn out to be a really skinny kid with a roof over her head or a well-fed hobo who lives in a cardboard box. So, Sylvia would be better off not leaving home because of the crazy job and apartment search she would go through.

Another important reason why Sylvia should stay home is because of the potential dangers she could encounter. The IRS is one of the most dangerous group of people. They love money so much that they leave nasty phone calls and emails for fun. And when they’re blood-thirsty for it, they go to great lengths and personally rob you of your money with their special platagator (an extremely dangerous animal that is a platypus mixed with an alligator). The number one place they like to go to is the poor emancipated kids’ homes who are barely making a living. To avoid this dangerous encounter, Sylvia should rethink of being emancipated.

Lastly, Sylvia needs to reconsider being emancipated because she can learn a life-long lesson of patience. What do you get when you cross a small bedroom with an annoying sibling? You get patience. If Sylvia moves out, she will have everything to herself. And if she is by herself, she won’t need to exercise her patience. But if she stays home, Sylvia will be able to extend her patience from her time she spends being bugged by her sister. A benefit for building patience when your young is that 90% of people who exercise their patience will usually get through many more situations than people who have little patience. So, it’s best to build patience by staying home and not being emancipated.

All in all, it would be in Sylvia’s best interest to not be emancipated at 16 for many reasons. If she is trying to get a job and rent an affordable apartment, she will have a very low chance of getting what she needs. Also, it’s safer to be protected by your parents from two deadly creatures. Furthermore, it would be best if Sylvia grew her patience with her sister. Now, it’s up to Sylvia to make a decision. Hopefully, it’s a wise one...

Nathan TeGar

 Have you ever considered becoming emancipated from your parents? What kind of reasons would make emancipation necessary? My friend Sylvia wishes to become emancipated from her home because she has a lack of personal freedom, she has to share a room with her sister and the fact that her boyfriend is in college. In my opinion Sylvia is a big baby and has foolish and childish reasons to leave her home, there is nothing wrong with having to share a room with your sister, kids should have boundaries and shouldn't be able to what ever they want and the fact that her boyfriend is in college has nothing to do with wanting to be emancipated.
The first reason why Sylvia is a big baby is she wants to leave her home because she has to share a room with her sister. There is nothing wrong with sharing a room with your sibling, studies have shown that siblings get along better when they are forced to live in the same room. When living in the same room you are forced to here each others problems and that brings you closer. Also when living together you can take each others clothes, electronics, toys and anything else you want from them, and if your sibling irritates you all you do is make irritating noises when their trying to sleep! The fact that Sylvia what to leave her home because she has to share a room with her sister proves that shes a baby.
The second reason why Sylvia is a baby is she claims she has a lack of personal freedom. Kids are supposed to have boundaries and shouldn’t be allowed to do what ever they want. Its not like their holding her prisoner and wont let her out or feed her or let use the restroom they are doing what every parent should, its the parent choice to decide what you are allowed to do. The fact that Sylvia wants to become emancipated from her home because she has no personal freedom proves she is a big baby.
The third reason why Sylvia is a big baby is that she wants to leave because her boyfriend is in college. What does that have to do with anything? If she ended up moving out of her house how would she support herself? She would have to finish high school while renting an apartment which means she would have to have a job as well as going to school. The fact that Sylvia says she wants to leave because her boyfriend is in college proves shes a big baby.
In conclusion Sylvia is a big baby because she wants to become emancipated from her home the reasons being she has to share a room with her sister which is no big deal, she has a lack of personal freedom which she should and her boyfriend is in college which has nothing to do with anything.  

Caleb Barthe

                 Sylvia you’re not ready not ready to be on your own! You may think you your responsible enough to be on your own but your way to young. Leaving you parents house would be a bad move because you have no job so that means no money, you also have no place to live, and your lack of “freedom” is only because your parents want to protect you.                             
                  First off Sylvia leaving right now would be bad because you have no job and your young so it would be hard to find one. Without a job you wouldn’t have any money and according to the MMC (Minors missing cash) “half of the minors without jobs don’t make it far in life” ( and if you don’t make it far in life you are going to end up as a single mom living in some crappy apartments while addicted to drugs. Another thing you can’t do without money is buy things and we all know how much girls like to shop but you wouldn’t be able to without a job. So no new shoes or new clothes if you get emancipated without a job.                                    
                    The next reason if getting emancipated would be bad is because you don’t have a place to stay. The other day I was talking to the hobo on the corner and he said “being homeless is no fun.” (Hobo on the corner) So unless you want to live a life devoid of fun and shelter I would suggest not getting emancipated until you have the money to afford a place to live. Unless you want to be a hobo wait till your old enough and have a place to live.                                     
                       The last reason is you think your parents are “strict.” The reason they are is so they can protect you. You may think your parents have rules just to torture you but it’s just so they can protect you from all the junk in this world. I saw a statistic from PAEO (parents against emancipation organization) and it said “93% of all 14-17 year olds who get emancipated end up being homeless criminals.” ( So unless you want to be a homeless single mother criminal don’t get emancipated and listen to your parents rules.
            Leaving home at such a young age is not such a good idea because this world is full of evil people. Sylvia you don’t have a job to buy your basic needs, you don’t have a roof over your head, and you would be eaten alive by this world. Sylvia you’re not old enough to be on your own!

Ryen McGraw

Ryen McGraw
English II
January 25, 2012
Dear Sylvia,
            Seeking emancipation from your parents and home is a very serious matter. There are investigations to find out whether or not your parents are fit to be in charge of you. If your parents are found unfit to be your caregiver, they will also be found unfit to care for your sister, most likely putting her in foster care, or the supervision of another family member for the time being. Going through with such a drastic charge could permanently damage if not destroy your relationship with your family.
You need to realize that there is a reason for just about everything your parents do. In almost every scenario, parents limit a child’s (yes, even though your sixteen, you are still a child) freedom in order to protect them. You will be eighteen in just two short years and then you really will be on your own; sure you’ll be able to come to Mom and Dad every now and then when you need some help, but if you choose to become emancipated, chances are, your parents won’t feel that they owe you anything because you left when they tried their best to be good parents.
Supporting yourself financially is a huge and difficult responsibility- especially at such a young age. Why would you want to take on the extra burden of having to find and pay for a place to live, food to eat and clothes to clean? Everything costs money these days, so you shouldn’t be so quick to let go of the luxury of being taken care of. Outside of childhood innocence, we live in a very harsh world, there’s no great reason to dive in head first when you don’t have to. The rush will soon wear off and you’ll be in trouble.
Now, maybe sharing a room with your sister isn’t your ideal living arrangement, but it’s possible that that’s the best situation your parents can afford right now. People all over the world live in much worse conditions than a shared bedroom. If you think about it, sharing a room with your sister is a lot better than sharing a dingy apartment with someone you barely know and having to pay for it.
To file for emancipation so that you can spend time with your college boyfriend is not only very stupid, it’s also incredibly irresponsible. If you are foolish enough to let a relationship- that statistically probably won’t even last- determine the choices you make that will affect your future, you seriously are not mature enough to be on your own.
In conclusion, you should not file for emancipation from your parents. You will most likely end up lost and struggling, o one, especially someone as young as you should have to go through that. Even at age sixteen you are still a child, embrace that. Let your parents take care of you, and know that whatever they do, it’s because they love you and want you to grow into the best possible version of yourself. Be patient and tolerant because no one is perfect; always remember, try not to grow up too fast, because one day you’re going to look back and wish that you could be a kid again.
Ryen McGraw

Adriel McCuan

Have you ever loved someone so much and you knew they were about to make a mistake that could change their whole life? Well that is how i feel about my best friend Sylvia, she is only 16 and wants to be emancipated from her loving home. She feels this way because she feels that she has a lack of personal freedom, she hates sharing a small bedroom with her sister, and her boyfriend is in college. Although she feels trapped I think she needs to realize that boundaries are important, that she should be thankful for what she already has, and that leaving for a boyfriend is a bad idea.
First, although Sylvia feels a lack of personal freedom, she needs to realize that boundaries are important. Without boundaries how are we supposed to determine right from wrong? If rules were never set we would get in trouble for doing something wrong and wouldn't understand why we were in trouble because there were no rules. Our parents set rules to protect us, not to be "kill joys" so we have no fun, but because they love us and want us to make good decisions. Sylvia needs to realize that boundaries are important even though she feels she needs more freedom.
Second, Sylvia despises sharing a room with her sister, but i think she needs to be thankful for what she already has. Many children don't even have a room, let alone a bed, they are having to find the best shelter possible for the night or sometimes are sleeping couch to couch every night. Sylvia has a warm bedroom and a caring family that loves her very much. Although Sylvia hates sharing a bedroom she needs to be thankful for what she does have.
Third, my best friend Sylvia has a boyfriend in college, (remember that she is only 16) But she needs to understand that leaving for a boyfriend much older than her is a very bad idea. He is JUST a boyfriend, he can leave at any time. He is not her husband, so how does she know he can, or will support her? She can't support herself! She is only 16! Sylvia needs to understand why leaving for a boyfriend is a bad idea.
In conclusion, although Sylvia feels trapped I think she needs to realize that boundaries are important, without them she wont be able to make good decisions. Sylvia should be thankful for what she already has, many children don't even have a bedroom. Also she needs to understand that leaving for a boyfriend is a bad idea, he is only a boyfriend, he can leave at any time. Sylvia is my best friend and she is wanting to be emancipated, because she feels a lack of personal freedom. But I hope she will change her mind and not make a bad decision.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riley Donahue's Persuasive Essay to Sylvia

Riley Donahue
Mr. Anderson
English 2B
January 24, 2012
The Good of Restriction
            Freedom in our history has always been a high demand. We never feel to limit ourselves in the world around us. We don’t always realize the result of restriction until it is too late. Our home is where we begin our life and our time at home should not be cut short. These assigned restrictions from our elders guide us into exceeding our excellence in the future and with the people around us. So Sylvia, you should stay at home because you will become responsible, cooperative, and determined during your time at home.
            A reason that you should stay at home is you will become more responsible. At home, we learn simple gestures and manners that you will not learn anywhere else. According to the Etiquette Guide article, “Responsibility is only accomplished when we are able to stand on our own,” (Ledbetter 63). Responsibility is a complicated task to tackle, but we can’t begin our personal freedom without it. Responsibility requires confidence and support of a family and you can’t cut away any time away from them. Responsibility also requires an understanding that not everything will work out as planned. According to the Good Rules article, “Responsibility is a knowledge that is never perfect. We will never know when things will be great or when they will suck, but we learn from the mistakes so we don’t suck again,” (Arthur 108). We all have to understand the risks in life but it is responsibility that defends us from stupidity. Your personal freedom can be destroyed far worse from home without the proper understanding of responsibility. Not only will you become responsible at home, but you will also become cooperative.
            Cooperation is another key in which you will not become if you leave home. Only at home you can learn how to cooperate with others. According to the Book of Good passage, “He who knows no cooperation is a foo. It is the cooperation that we learn at home that benefits our future,” (Perry 2). Home is where you begin to learn about the thoughts of others. Your brothers and sisters need as much as you do and it is up to you whether you can cooperate and give. Without an experience like this, your interaction with other is not going to be successful. According to the Columbia article, “Our brothers and sisters are the key to understanding how to deal with people,” (Anne 1). Family can be tough to handle, but if you’re cooperative with these around you, things will improve. Whether it’s sharing your room or doing extra chores, cooperation is always appreciated. Not only will you learn from cooperation at home but also becoming determined.
            Another key you adapt when you stay at home is becoming determined. Knowing and setting a goal for yourself requires time that only home can provide. According to the Oregonian article, “Let yourself think for yourself. Let no other person besides family interfere with your success,” (Bernard 15). Your family is there for you to help you guide you to your calling and no one knows your potential better than your loved ones. If you cut this time away, no one will be there to help and guide you into what you are determined to be. Only family can understand your potential and no other being can help you reach dreams like family. According to the New York Times, “Only family can sculpt you into the person of your dreams. Friends or lovers can help you through daily problems, but only family can dig to your future,” (Cane 11). Friends are there to help you, but they can’t understand you like your family does. Your family knows what you need to get to your dreams and friends or boyfriends can’t see what you need. Leaving home early would leave you to a life that your dreams are far from reach. All of these key concepts are part of what you will become only if you stay at your home.
            You will become responsible, cooperative, and determined only during your time at home. You will become responsible at home through the confidence and strength given by your family. You will become cooperative at home through working together and sharing with others. Lastly, you will become determined through the love and support from your only family. Freedom is not always easy to grasp and is especially not easy to be patient for. So Sylvia, take this essay and learn that the days at home cannot be replaced with the days of the future. Great potential requires great patience and sometimes we need to enjoy the freedom we have at home. Freedom is a great demand, but great potential is harder to inquire. Take and learn from these restrictions before you decide to take a chance. Childhood only occurs once and after it’s over, the only thing left is what we learned from it.

Chelsea Osbron

     The benefits of getting emancipated from your home greatly out weigh the negative factors. Many teenagers want to seek emancipation, but do not. But, why should they put up with staying at home, and being dependent on their parents? Sylvia should seek out emancipation from her house at age 16, because she could live where she wants to, could spend more time with her college boyfriend and less time with her sister, she would not have to mow the lawn anymore, and she could get a job.

     One reason Sylvia should become emancipated from her home is because she could live where she wants to. Currently, Sylvia lives in Texas with her family in a small house, and she is constantly getting sunburned. She would much rather live in Maine. Samuel Smith, a specialist on the subject of home emancipated, says in his book that “16-year-olds that leave their homes can then choose a different location to live at,” (39). Moving away would not be a problem for Sylvia. Additionally, a study done by Daniel Burg, another specialist, showed that 4 out of 4 teenagers that seek emancipation from their parent's home could leave the area (25). There would be nothing to stop her from moving to Maine. Sylvia should seek emancipation so that she can live where she wants to.

     Another reason why Sylvia should try to be emancipated is so that she can spend more time with her boyfriend and less time with her sister. Her boyfriend is going to college outside of the state Sylvia lives in, and she doesn't see him much. “Multiple studies have shown that girls that seek emancipation hang out with their sisters less,” says researcher Brian Goldfish (155). Since she wants to see her sister less, emancipation would be ideal. “The results [of moving out] are very beneficial, one being that more of your life can be spent with the person you are dating,” (Smith 99). Being able to see her boyfriend more is a major reason for Sylvia's want for emancipation, and evidence shows that she would see him more. If Sylvia gained emancipation, she could see her boyfriend more and her sister less, which is a reason she should pursue it.

     Third, Sylvia should seek emancipation so that she no longer has to mow the lawn. The lawn of her family's home is 109 acres, and it takes her 3 days to mow it. According to Lou Larson, a young woman who gained her emancipation at 16, “another result of moving out was that the yard was not my responsibility to trim and mow,” (22). If Lou did not have to mow because she left home, then neither would Sylvia if she left. “Once a girl is emancipated from her home, there is a 100% chance that she won't have to continue mowing the lawn,” (Burg 100). There is no doubt that Sylvia would be free of this chore. A third reason why she should become emancipated is so that she does not have to mow her family's lawn anymore.

     Finally, Sylvia should become emancipated from her house at 16 because she could then get a job. Her parents will not let her get a job until she moves out. “If a child gets emancipated from his or her home, their parents cannot keep them from getting a job,” (Smith 5). Sylvia would be able to seek a job because her parents would no longer be able to hold her back. A study has shown that all teenagers who gain emancipation can seek out a job (Burg 95). If all teenagers can seek one out, there is no reason why Sylvia would not be able to. A final reason for her to get emancipated is so that she can get a job.

     In conclusion, Sylvia should seek out being emancipated from her home at age 16, because she would gain the freedom to pick where she lives, she could spend way more time with her boyfriend and less time with her sister, mowing the lawn would no longer be her responsibility, and she could get a job. First, because she would no longer have to live with her parents, Sylvia could move, and live where she wants to. Second, because she would no longer have to spend so much time with her sister, she could see her boyfriend more. Third, her parents would not be able to force her to mow the lawn. Last, she could get a job because she would not have to follow her parent's rules. The wonderful opportunity of emancipation is waiting, and the benefits are great.

Kevin Caravaggio

Change is hard. I know you want to be emancipated, so that you can leave your home and live with your boyfriend who is in college. This is an enormous change, and I fear you won't be able to handle it. Don't leave home, Sylvia, because your boyfriend's college situation will complicate you relationship, your parents should be more important anyway, you aren't prepared for real life, and home is a good place for you.
The first reason for you to stay is that your boyfriend's college career is going to interfere with your relationship. If you two are living together, then he will have difficulties balancing his studies and taking care of you. Your boyfriend will either spend more time focusing on school or focusing on you. Either way, one element will be partially neglected, so his ambition or your relationship will suffer. You shouldn't get emancipated and leave home because you boyfriend's college situation will compromise your relationship.
Another reason for you to stay home is that your parents are more important than your boyfriend. Boyfriends are easily replaced; parents are not. Getting emancipated will separate you from your parents legally and emotionally. In a sense, you are telling them that you don't need them. While, after breaking up with your boyfriend, you could find a new one, the bond between parents and their child is not so easily replaced. You need to stay home, Sylvia, because your relationship with your parents is more important than you relationship with your boyfriend.
In addition, you shouldn't leave home because you aren't prepared for real life. Things could happen that would undermine your plans. For example, if your boyfriend's grades became low, he could lose a large portion of his student aid funds. Without sufficient funds, you may be forced to find a job which is very strenuous at 16. If he were to drop out, both of you would be checkmated into eking out a substandard living. Don't leave home, Sylvia, because you aren't prepared for the twists and turns of life.
Finally, you shouldn't leave home because it is a good place for you to be. Your family loves and cares for you. You are annoyed by living in the same room as your little sister but imagine life without her. You would be very lonely at your boyfriend's place while he is in college. You need people who care about you, not just one person you care about. So stay home, Sylvia, because home is where you belong.
To sum up, you should stay home for now because your boyfriend's pursuit of higher education will only hurt your relationship, your parents are more important than your relationship, you can't possibly be ready for independent life, and home is where you belong. Your boyfriend's situation in college will complicate you relationship with him if it isn't complicated first. Also, the relationship you have with your parents needs to be prioritized above your romantic relationship. You aren't prepared to stand and face real life yet. Most importantly, your home is a great place for you to be. You shouldn't have to change yourself to grow up; instead, respond to the changes around you at a steady rate.

Don't do it Sylvia! Brenda Golyshevskaya

      Dear Sylvia, 
Parents are the key to success in life because they have the answers to almost about everything. If you think about the things your parents provide for you and how much they struggle to do the best they can, why would you want to get an emancipation Sylvia? If you decide to take this path you will have many things to face, such as providing for yourself, learning from your own mistakes, getting a job, and having to live with your boyfriend. As a friend, I ask you this " do you honestly want to have a big part of your life gone, just because some certain things seem unfair?"
 There should only and only one time in your life when you move out and thats not when you get an emancipation. Since you were a kid you always depended on your parents for food, clothes, toys to play with, money, rides, a roof over our our heads and may more things. Now imagine that you did get an emancipation, are you gonna call your mom to make food, no because you consider yourself as a grown woman. So now you're stressing out because you never asked your mom to teach how to cook. Emancipation should not be the time you leave your parents, still not convinced well keep listening.
 Imagine being on your own without someone besides you all the time like your mom, to tell you the right things if you get in a sticky situation, is another reason why you don't need an emancipation. To clear your perspective here's a situation, your boyfriend decides to cheats on you for someone else and his reason is because you don't provide what he wants in a relationship. Now your at your place alone with nobody to comfort you or to tell you "everything is gonna be alright, he wasn't the one for you", still being stubborn? If you decide to marry this guy, my mom always told me "the way you treat your dad, that's how you're gonna treat him. Emancipation isn't going to give you advice when you occasionally  screw up.
 Not enjoying sharing a room with your little sister, who said you're going to enjoying sharing it with your boyfriend? I know the feeling of sharing a room with a sister, I had to be in the same room with my sister until she got married. It's quiet difficult to see eye to eye at certain situations, but that's what having a sibling is all about. If you don't like sharing the room with your sister, because she's a little messy and she has a tendency to wear your stuff, that's not the worst of your problems. So you move in with your boyfriend, and you find out some stuff you didn't know, such as he has no manners, any sense of being a gentleman, has clothes that are dirty that you need to clean but he throws them on the ground, in other words he is a complete slob in person and you thought he was great. Emancipation is not going to make matters better, when you're living with a complete slob.
 So if you think I'm all up for your emancipation, you're wrong. Your reason's to having an emancipation aren't good enough. You only have one set a parents and you're going to leave them because of your lack of freedom, sharing a room with your sister and because you want to be with your boyfriend. Hoping that you will use your common sense and make the right decision, because lets face it a family will always be permanent and a boyfriend isn't.
                                                                                     Sincerely, your best friend.