Sunday, March 9, 2014



Nukes have left most of North America as a barren wasteland. Two main groups struggle for power over a certain area of America. Ryan, Robert, and David are a group of mercenaries. The three try to stay under the radar. They came into a firefight with Neptune soldiers, escaping only with a wounded leg. They decide to attempt to make it to a small town a few days journey away. On the way, Ryan was captured when searching for more fuel for the buggy that they had taken from the Neptune soldiers that they had fought. Robert goes in and rescued Ryan from his captor. The three make it to the town, where David and Ryan said their goodbyes to Robert. David and Ryan continued to travel towards the head quarters of the chiefs. While Robert finds a job, and followed his target. Some sorcery fell upon Robert. During this time, David and Ryan make it to the chief's headquarters where they find Ryan's dad. Ryan's dad killed David. Ryan is told of Roberts current job and sets out after him, not knowing what lay ahead.

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