Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It was a night during my sophomore year. prom had just taken place and a group of my friends had gone to sharis in vancouver off of mill plain. while our group was waiting for a table to open up for us, Caleb, Cameron, I, and a few girls decided to walk over to starbucks and the gas station to get some energy drinks and coffee. Caleb had taken one of the girl’s tiaras and was wearing it on top of his head. We were making our way over to the cross-walk at the intersection when caleb randomly runs off and into the middle of the road. we turned and watched as our friend dashed across the street, and avoiding cars. once he reached the sidewalk, we continued to walk towards the intersection. While we were waiting, caleb was at the other side of the street doing one of his random posses. Suddenly, we started to hear car horns. Cameron and I turned and looked at each other confused as to what was going on. That’s when we realized, the people in the cars thought that Caleb was gay. Cameron, the girls, and I start to laugh. Then the light changed and we were able to cross the street. We walked across the street and met up with Caleb. Caleb wanted to go and get some coffee so I said that I would go with him. I gave Cameron a few bucks for a drink and walked into starbucks with Caleb. Turns out that they were just closing so they kicked us out. We ran across the street to the gas station and got a few drinks with Cameron. By the time we made it back to Sharis, the group that we were with had already been seated. We had a jolly good time, at least up until the part where my mom started to complain that it was late and that I needed to be home by one. I reluctantly got up and said goodbye to my friends and headed out the door to my car. I climbed in and fired up the honda. Now I have a lead foot so i normally drive fast. I had just gotten onto 14. I moved into the fast lane to get around a BMW. When I had started my pass, I heard the BMW downshift and start to pull away. I thought to myself, I cant pass this up! So I downshifted from fifth gear down to second. I was only in second gear for a moment before the RPM hit readline. instead of doing a normal shift, I never let up off the gas. instead, i pushed the stick out of gear, while i was starting to engage the clutch. I timed it perfectly where when the clutch engaged, I was putting the car into third gear.

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