Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The other day I was coming into my driveway from school. I noticed a Red 2000 ford mustang sitting over by my chevy blazer. It was my friend Lance. I climbed out of the car and walked ver to him. he told me he stopped by to check out the blazer and was just about to leave. I asked him what he had planned for the rest of the day and he said that he was just on his way home and didnt have anything planned. I asked him if he wanted to hang for a bit and he said that he could for a few minutes. He told me that he wanted to show me something with his mustang. It was a nice day so the windows were rolled down. We climbed into the car and he started it up. The mustang had a aftermarket exhaust with an aftermarket K&N air intake, so the car sounded really nice. we were crusing down the road hovering around 2500RPM, apperently that was enough to get people to turn their heads. Even if you aren’t a car person you couldn't deny that the mustang sounded nice. we headed out to the back roads. We climbed a hill, once at the top. my friend stopped the mustang and turned off the traction control located next to the cup holders in the center piece between the two front bucket seats of the car. I braced myself against the seat as my friend reved the engine up to 3 grand a couple of times. His mustang must have had an aftermarket camshaft in it because the engine had an unusually fast rev. After revving the engine a few times, he let off the clutch and them immediately hit the gas, pushing it to the floor. The mustang broke loose in the back end and we began to move, we were doing a burnout for probably a good twenty feet, that's when we got full traction. When that happens, I was forces back into my seat.  Every time my friend changed gears, the car would start to slow and my body moved forward away from the seat, then he would hit the next gear and I would hit the seat with my back once again. In no time at all we were doing about 110 when we had to slow down for the Corner. We drove by the house that that's he guy whou screwed me over lived. We flipped his house off as we flew past doing about 90. When we reached skamainia county, we turned around a and headed back in the other direction. We hit probably 100 on the way back.

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