Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Austin and Jeremy entered the cave a moment later.
"Why don't we stay here for the night"? Austin asked. "The sun is going to set in about 45 minutes, and I doubt we will find a better place to stay for the night. Therese a water source, and plenty of cover."
I looked down at my watch, 1650.
"Wow! I didn't realize it was this late," I though to myself. "Ok," I said aloud. "Sounds like a plan to me."
Jeremy agreed with Austin's suggestion also.
"Alex, go collect some wood to start a small fire, nothing to big though, we want to stay hidden remember. Austin, go lay down some traps to give us a heads up if someone does come along during the night, or something. I'll work on getting some food ready."
Austin grabbed his rifle and exited the cave. I left the cave just behind him. Austin walk back to the trail and started down the path that we had been following for the past half a day. I decided to follow the hill around to look for some wood.
I figured that at the base of the hill would be my best bet. I thought this because if a tree was to fall, it would slid down the hill, therefor, there should be plenty of wood. 
It wasn't long before I came across a dead tree laying across the ground. I walked up to it and started to pull of small twigs, and lightly larger branches for the fire. I grabbed a nice arm load and started back towards the cave.

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