Thursday, February 20, 2014


Thursdays, other wise known as pre Friday. This is the day that you wake up to super excited about the end of the week, then it all comes crushing down when you realize that there is still one more day to go. My Monday went exactly as expected. I woke up an hour and a half earlier than I should have. This was all because I had a pretty bad headache. I was laying in bed for a little bit before I finally decided to get up and take some aspirin. After grabbing the medicine, I went back to my room and lay back down on my "bed." The clock read 0515. I was laying down for a long while, the last time that I looked at the clock it was 0545. The next thing I knew, my mom was banging down my door. Not literally, though. I quickly looked at the clock, 0700. I panicked a little. I was supposed to be out the door in 10-15 minutes. I jumped out of bed and quickly hopped into the shower. When done with my shower, I got dressed. Just as I was done, my brother and mom were already out the door. Brushing my teeth didn't take long and I was soon out the door as well. The car ride was the same as always. My mom was playing the music up high enough that it was difficult to hear my music at half volume. And then my brother and mom would play these stupid games that the radio station had. Then they would go into a discussion about it. The station that my mom listens to is 104.1 the FISH. She says she listens to it because it doesn't have the edgy music that is played nowadays. But the station has probably forty percent commercials, fifty percent talking, and ten percent music. The station will play two, maybe three songs, then it will go into either a ten minute commercial break, or a short talk, THEN a ten minute commercial break. Such a pain. When we get to school, not one minute after getting out of the car, I get yelled at by the crossing guard for not using the crosswalk. Little does she know that I really don't give a shit. Waiting around for class is always a pain. There's nothing to do and no one was there that I really care to talk to. Class finally came, and civics class was the same as always. We had a short discussion with our teacher, then we worked on some handouts that we were givin to complete in class. I finished early, and then was waiting around for the rest of the class to finish. Class ended finally, and I got into my moms car with the rest of the kids that go to skill center. Man I hate carpooling. I need to get behind the wheel of a vehicle soon or I'm going to go crazy. Skill center went fine, finished a customer vehicle, and almost made the mistake of leaving a coat hanger on the suspension spring behind one of the wheels. Got that all fixed up just after the bell had rung. I got back into the car. I was the last one and so I was stuck in the back. Got to English class early and just stood around waiting to get yelled at by a teacher for being in the halls when we weren't supposed to. Got lucky and didn't get yelled at, which surprised me. English class was boring, like usual. Got in a few Smartass remarks. I have a feeling that my teacher is starting to lose his patience with me. But he does recover quickly from my comment a so it's hard to tell. After a long day of school, I was stuck in the car waiting for my brother to get out of his consultation. When that was over, we headed home. Didn't get back until 1700. I was only able to play half an hour of Xbox before I was kicked off. Not enough time to even finish one game of battlefield three. Dinner soon came afterwards. And following dinner was my usual chores of cleaning up afterwards due to the fact that I am pretty much my moms slave until I can drive again. After all my chores were done, my dad, brother and I sat down in the living room to watch another episode of Firefly. This is now one of my top tv shows if not number one. It became time for me to hit the hay. And sleep soon followed.

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