Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vehicles at not simply machines, they are also have a presence in this world. Not many people relealize this, but there still are a few people that do. You will mainly see these people are mechanics and racers mostly. But not just any mechanic and racer, no. The few that do are ones that actually listen to the vehicle speak. They understand the vehicle. They know what the vehicle likes, doesn't like, and what's wrong. Cars are a prime example. When pushed to their limits, a car will speak to its driver. The driver then knows what the car is saying, and responds in kind. Cars also have attitudes. These attitudes can be classified in two different categories, male and female. Pretty much to find out which one a car is? Listen to its behavior, and then compare that to both a typical male behavior, and a typical female behavior. Which one best fits the car? Many of you that read this will think that I am crazy. Hopefully one day you will understand.

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