Tuesday, February 18, 2014

   Once in seaside, my dad and I met up with my friend and his family. We walked around for a few hours, then my dad and I decided to get some lunch. We walked the half mile to the van and drove across the street to the McDonald's. Now we had brought our own lunches but we went to McDonald's anyways to use the wifi.
   After sitting in the car for around fifty minutes, my dad decided to buy some drinks. It was around this time that I realized that I had parked the mini-van just a bit to far away from McDonald's for a good wifi connection. Since I could really use the Internet, I decided to watch a movie. The movie that I chose was "National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets." After about 5 minutes of watching the movie, my dad came back with the drinks. Now every time I get a soda from McDonalds, I always get a large Dr. Pepper with NO ice, a personal favorite. My dad always drinks a diet coke. If there was no diet coke, then he wouldn't get a soda. period.
  Soon after we were done eating, my dad and I went back to the car show to go watch the cruise that was going to happen later that after noon. But in the meantime, we continued to look at all of the cars that were still on display.
   Pretty soon the car show cruise had begun and my father and I stood at one of the intersections that the cars drove by. The show lasted around an hour, but most of the cars in the show stopped driving around about twenty minutes before that. When that happened, me, my dad, my friend, and my friends family went to a pizza restaurant on the corner that my dad and were standing at not long ago.
   After eating pizza, my friend and I went over to his '67 ford bronco and brought it back to the parking garage for the hotel that he was staying at.
   Finally after a long day of walking, my dad and I finally got to our camping spot in Astoria and stayed the night there.
   In the morning, 

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