Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wens day

Today was a different wens day than normal. Today, I woke up at nine twenty. This is earlier than I normally wake up. Normally I would wake up at quarter till ten, or at ten. By the time that I had woken up, my mother had already left for work. I remembered that she started at nine. My dad was in his usual place in front of the computer in his office on a conference call, and my brother was still in his room. I followed my normal morning tradition getting ready for the day. I started off with a nice hot shower followed by a light breakfast. For breakfast I decided to have a banana and some yogurt. The banana was slightly brown from sitting for a few days. The yogurt was a mixed berry flavor that was delicious. After eating, I read the note that my mom had left for me on the counter. Like usual, it was a list of chores that she wanted me to do, homework that had to be done, and a list of stuff that I couldn't do. Even though I'm a senior in high school and 18, my mom still treated me like I was ten. Always giving me a bedtime (something that I ignored almost every day), turning in my electronics at night, and constintly complaining about the small amout of language in my music. If she thinks country is bad, then she doesn't wat to listen to what most kids listen to nowadays. Why do my parents have to be the super good people that follow the rules to the letter and freak out if something doesn't follow the same rules that they do. Complete bullshit if you ask me. I finished all my homework in no time, like usual. It's hard for me to get the required amount of hours needed to pass a class just because I normally get the homework done fairly quickly. I know that I could have a high GPA and everything if I tried, but I really don't care at all. Most of the stuff that i have learned in highschool I am never going to use ever again. For example, art. I fucking hate art class. There is no point in it being a required class to take in order to graduate. I will never draw, paint, or do any type of art ever again once I'm graduated. Same goes with history. The only class that I am going to come close to applying is algebra. Anyways, I messed around pretty much for the next few hours before heading to my art class. I didn't have skill center since it was a half say for evergreen school district. During art class I learned absolutely nothing of importance and pretty much wasted three hours of my time total with driving to and from class, and then class itself. When I got home, I had time to play a small amount of Xbox before I was forced to make dinner. What I don't understand is that my brother has way more free time than I do and I'm the one that gets stuck with extra chores. Dinner was made, and after dinner my family decided to watch some tv. I stayed for the first half hour, then got bored and went to my room to go to bed.

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