Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kevin Caravaggio

Change is hard. I know you want to be emancipated, so that you can leave your home and live with your boyfriend who is in college. This is an enormous change, and I fear you won't be able to handle it. Don't leave home, Sylvia, because your boyfriend's college situation will complicate you relationship, your parents should be more important anyway, you aren't prepared for real life, and home is a good place for you.
The first reason for you to stay is that your boyfriend's college career is going to interfere with your relationship. If you two are living together, then he will have difficulties balancing his studies and taking care of you. Your boyfriend will either spend more time focusing on school or focusing on you. Either way, one element will be partially neglected, so his ambition or your relationship will suffer. You shouldn't get emancipated and leave home because you boyfriend's college situation will compromise your relationship.
Another reason for you to stay home is that your parents are more important than your boyfriend. Boyfriends are easily replaced; parents are not. Getting emancipated will separate you from your parents legally and emotionally. In a sense, you are telling them that you don't need them. While, after breaking up with your boyfriend, you could find a new one, the bond between parents and their child is not so easily replaced. You need to stay home, Sylvia, because your relationship with your parents is more important than you relationship with your boyfriend.
In addition, you shouldn't leave home because you aren't prepared for real life. Things could happen that would undermine your plans. For example, if your boyfriend's grades became low, he could lose a large portion of his student aid funds. Without sufficient funds, you may be forced to find a job which is very strenuous at 16. If he were to drop out, both of you would be checkmated into eking out a substandard living. Don't leave home, Sylvia, because you aren't prepared for the twists and turns of life.
Finally, you shouldn't leave home because it is a good place for you to be. Your family loves and cares for you. You are annoyed by living in the same room as your little sister but imagine life without her. You would be very lonely at your boyfriend's place while he is in college. You need people who care about you, not just one person you care about. So stay home, Sylvia, because home is where you belong.
To sum up, you should stay home for now because your boyfriend's pursuit of higher education will only hurt your relationship, your parents are more important than your relationship, you can't possibly be ready for independent life, and home is where you belong. Your boyfriend's situation in college will complicate you relationship with him if it isn't complicated first. Also, the relationship you have with your parents needs to be prioritized above your romantic relationship. You aren't prepared to stand and face real life yet. Most importantly, your home is a great place for you to be. You shouldn't have to change yourself to grow up; instead, respond to the changes around you at a steady rate.


  1. I give your letter to Sylvia a 3 ( i hope i'm doing this right :P) because although your supporting details were very good, your paper was very choppy and didn't flow very nice.

    1. I would say Adriel made a valid point with the flowiness comment, but I think the solidity of your reasoning mostly made up for that. I would give it a 4


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