Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alex Soncrant (:

Dear Sylvia,
    Have you thought about the responsibilities? Getting emancipated and living on your own at 16 us a big deal. Sylvia don’t get emancipated from your parents because your relationship with your parents will be ruin, having to provide for yourself, your boyfriend won’t provide for you, and keeping up in school will be hard.
    First, Sylvia don’t get emancipated because you’ll lose any good chance of having a good relationship with your parents. If you do this it will probably upset your parents and make them feel like you don’t care about them anymore. After getting signed away from them they most likely won’t want anything to do with you. Do you really want to risk loosing them? You will lose your relationship with your parents if you get emancipated.
    Second, getting emancipated means you will have to provide for yourself. You won’t have your parents there to help you with everything, you’d be all on your own. Are you ready to live on your own, make your own money, pay the bills, and having to do everything yourself? Sylvia you won’t have anyone to always be there for you anymore. Having to provide for yourself is all apart of getting emancipated.
    Third, even though you have a boyfriend, doesn’t mean he will always be there for you. He is in college and you’re in high school. College guys aren’t that trust worth!! Any guy is really not that trust worth. Also you’re 16 and he’s old! Don’t move out and depend on a guy until you’re married. At least your parents are more trust worthy. Just because you think you can depend on him now doesn’t mean you will always be able to. Don’t get emancipated because you think you have a trust worthy boyfriend in college.
    Also, getting emancipated means you will have to keep up on your school alone. Isn’t getting school down hard enough with your parents around to help you and remind you to do it? Think about how hard it’s going to be to do it all alone.  Getting emancipated Sylvia means you won’t have anyone there to help you with your school.
    Sylvia, you shouldn’t get emancipated from your parents because of all the responsibilities. First getting emancipated will probably ruin your relationship with your parents. Second, you will have to provide for yourself. Third, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean he will always be therefor you. Also, keeping up in school, on your own, will be hard. Sylvia have you really thought this through?

    - A Friend 


  1. Great Essay! It had great points and good facts to follow those points. I would rate it a 3 because it was overall good to the structure but there were some parts of the structure that were not there. There were good facts and information and you persuaded your audience.

    1. i agree with you Riley, its very understandable!

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