Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't do it Sylvia! Brenda Golyshevskaya

      Dear Sylvia, 
Parents are the key to success in life because they have the answers to almost about everything. If you think about the things your parents provide for you and how much they struggle to do the best they can, why would you want to get an emancipation Sylvia? If you decide to take this path you will have many things to face, such as providing for yourself, learning from your own mistakes, getting a job, and having to live with your boyfriend. As a friend, I ask you this " do you honestly want to have a big part of your life gone, just because some certain things seem unfair?"
 There should only and only one time in your life when you move out and thats not when you get an emancipation. Since you were a kid you always depended on your parents for food, clothes, toys to play with, money, rides, a roof over our our heads and may more things. Now imagine that you did get an emancipation, are you gonna call your mom to make food, no because you consider yourself as a grown woman. So now you're stressing out because you never asked your mom to teach how to cook. Emancipation should not be the time you leave your parents, still not convinced well keep listening.
 Imagine being on your own without someone besides you all the time like your mom, to tell you the right things if you get in a sticky situation, is another reason why you don't need an emancipation. To clear your perspective here's a situation, your boyfriend decides to cheats on you for someone else and his reason is because you don't provide what he wants in a relationship. Now your at your place alone with nobody to comfort you or to tell you "everything is gonna be alright, he wasn't the one for you", still being stubborn? If you decide to marry this guy, my mom always told me "the way you treat your dad, that's how you're gonna treat him. Emancipation isn't going to give you advice when you occasionally  screw up.
 Not enjoying sharing a room with your little sister, who said you're going to enjoying sharing it with your boyfriend? I know the feeling of sharing a room with a sister, I had to be in the same room with my sister until she got married. It's quiet difficult to see eye to eye at certain situations, but that's what having a sibling is all about. If you don't like sharing the room with your sister, because she's a little messy and she has a tendency to wear your stuff, that's not the worst of your problems. So you move in with your boyfriend, and you find out some stuff you didn't know, such as he has no manners, any sense of being a gentleman, has clothes that are dirty that you need to clean but he throws them on the ground, in other words he is a complete slob in person and you thought he was great. Emancipation is not going to make matters better, when you're living with a complete slob.
 So if you think I'm all up for your emancipation, you're wrong. Your reason's to having an emancipation aren't good enough. You only have one set a parents and you're going to leave them because of your lack of freedom, sharing a room with your sister and because you want to be with your boyfriend. Hoping that you will use your common sense and make the right decision, because lets face it a family will always be permanent and a boyfriend isn't.
                                                                                     Sincerely, your best friend.

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  1. You made some really good points and had good format. Id give it a 3 because you has a few problems with grammer but overall really good job :)


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