Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ryen McGraw

Ryen McGraw
English II
January 25, 2012
Dear Sylvia,
            Seeking emancipation from your parents and home is a very serious matter. There are investigations to find out whether or not your parents are fit to be in charge of you. If your parents are found unfit to be your caregiver, they will also be found unfit to care for your sister, most likely putting her in foster care, or the supervision of another family member for the time being. Going through with such a drastic charge could permanently damage if not destroy your relationship with your family.
You need to realize that there is a reason for just about everything your parents do. In almost every scenario, parents limit a child’s (yes, even though your sixteen, you are still a child) freedom in order to protect them. You will be eighteen in just two short years and then you really will be on your own; sure you’ll be able to come to Mom and Dad every now and then when you need some help, but if you choose to become emancipated, chances are, your parents won’t feel that they owe you anything because you left when they tried their best to be good parents.
Supporting yourself financially is a huge and difficult responsibility- especially at such a young age. Why would you want to take on the extra burden of having to find and pay for a place to live, food to eat and clothes to clean? Everything costs money these days, so you shouldn’t be so quick to let go of the luxury of being taken care of. Outside of childhood innocence, we live in a very harsh world, there’s no great reason to dive in head first when you don’t have to. The rush will soon wear off and you’ll be in trouble.
Now, maybe sharing a room with your sister isn’t your ideal living arrangement, but it’s possible that that’s the best situation your parents can afford right now. People all over the world live in much worse conditions than a shared bedroom. If you think about it, sharing a room with your sister is a lot better than sharing a dingy apartment with someone you barely know and having to pay for it.
To file for emancipation so that you can spend time with your college boyfriend is not only very stupid, it’s also incredibly irresponsible. If you are foolish enough to let a relationship- that statistically probably won’t even last- determine the choices you make that will affect your future, you seriously are not mature enough to be on your own.
In conclusion, you should not file for emancipation from your parents. You will most likely end up lost and struggling, o one, especially someone as young as you should have to go through that. Even at age sixteen you are still a child, embrace that. Let your parents take care of you, and know that whatever they do, it’s because they love you and want you to grow into the best possible version of yourself. Be patient and tolerant because no one is perfect; always remember, try not to grow up too fast, because one day you’re going to look back and wish that you could be a kid again.
Ryen McGraw


  1. Great Essay! Your structure was good and you made some great points. I would rate it a 3 because you had efficient information but it didn't fit the MLA structure just because of a few minor errors. Great paper and you got your point across and you made good points.

  2. I agree, this is a really good paper, I would also rate it a 3. (: You took a solid stand on your side of the argument, and you supported this with facts and opinions. Maybe you should try putting in some quotes next time? Great essay! :)


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