Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daniel Andrews

The Negative Effects of Sudden Emancipation

  Many young people experience domestic problems often related to parents, restriction, or other external influences such as friends, teachers, or other relations. You, Sylvia are not the only one. It is understandable that you are upset about having to share a small bedroom with your sister and about your lack of personal freedom, but emancipation seems somewhat a selfish over-reaction. Sylvia, you should not seek emancipation from your parents because you will not be protected, you could miss out greatly on personal relationships, you will have a hell of a bad time providing for yourself, your actions could provoke the destruction of your whole family.
  Firstly, Sylvia you should not seek emancipation because, if successful, you will lose the protection a family home provides. Not only protection from thieves and rapists but also from the outside world in general. Homes provide a place for you to escape the outside world when it has simply become too much and you are tired. By emancipating yourself you will be housing with the world; unable to escape it. Young people are known for wanting to see the world but they are rarely prepared for it and should become prepared by exposure in small doses; Small doses you can receive only in a family home. Because of this, you, Sylvia, should remain living at home because otherwise you will be unprotected.
  Furthermore, you should stay at home because of the personal relationships you have built in your home. Though these may be shaky at times the best friends are those who have known you "forever." By knowing and interacting with someone else from a young age, you affect how the other's mind and personality develop. It follows that if a person helped shape someone else they would know better than anyone how the person reacts and thinks. Sylvia, the relationships you have developed in your family are a great example of what you will miss out on and why you should not emancipate yourself.
  Aside from your personal relationships, you, Sylvia, will have a very, very, hard time providing for yourself after emancipation. There are a very few people who would be willing or capable of providing for you. You will have a hard time providing for yourself because of the restrictive laws surrounding work for minors. These laws could indirectly limit your income and though your boyfriend may be willing to help you, you must ask yourself the question: will he be able to? Sylvia, take this sobering and realistic information into account and make the choice to remain in your home.
  Lastly, emancipating yourself could offend your family and result in division and frustration within your family. Sylvia, removing yourself from your home cold easily be taken by your parents as a blatant act of hate. this kind of emotion could result in serious family issues like divorce, blame, and hate. Many parents, after losing a child to something will blame eachother and isolate themselves, only making a greater problem than before. These situations almost always drastically alter people's personality and sanity. Again Sylvia, it is important that you realize all the possible consquences of your actions and refrain from seeking emancipation.
  In conclusion, you, Sylvia, should remain with your family and not seek separation because you will lose protection, you will greatly miss out on the personal relationships you have built in your family, you will not be able to provide for yourself, and you could easily destroy your family with this singe act. Think about the protection a family home provides, which you would lose. Another thing you could easily lose is the personal relationships you have built during  your life. Also, finding a decent job at 16 will be extremely difficult. One more thing to consider, Sylvia, is the effect this will have on your family, it could destroy all of them as easily as a sledgehammer can destroy a toilet. Therefore Sylvia,  you should think deeply on the effects this will have not only on you, but on your family.


  1. I would rate this a 4. I think Daniel did a very good job at coming up with four different, distinct reasons as to why Sylvia should not seek emancipation. He backed up his points with clear reasoning and provided relevant background.

  2. I agree with Gabby, you did an excellent job at explaining your thoughts on Sylvia's actions. You have good supporting details for each of your paragraphs. this clearly deserves a 4


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