Friday, January 27, 2012

Brian Stoltenberg

Have you ever had a problem with your sibling(s)? Do you have a problem telling them to not touch your stuff? Do they break your stuff? Are you frustrated and want to yell at them? Well from breaking stuff to yelling emancipation may be the answer.

Emancipation is pretty much divorcing your parents from you at a young age and living on your own. Your need for food, shelter, clothing and money become something that is necessary. Your parents may become worried but just get a place to stay and the worrying will cease. Just maybe you can live with a family member till you get a steady job. Steady jobs are hard to find but when you find one you need to work hard to keep it.

There is a girl named Sylvia who has a problem with her sister. She is sixteen and thinks it better if she got emancipated. Her sister doesn’t know what personal means. And is always getting into Sylvia’s stuff. Sylvia’s sister needs to learn the boundaries and Sylvia needs to make a smart choice.

Should Sylvia get emancipated or not? She should at least try to straighten things out with her sister. If her sister doesn’t agree. She can just ask to be moved or move in with an aunt before even considering emancipation. Emancipation is a big question and sixteen is not an educated age I know. But if Sylvia sets parameters and her sister doesn’t follow them then she should consider emancipation.

Loss of family ,loss of shelter and loss of money are all downsides to being emancipated. Emancipation should be for the grown up to decide. Sylvia is only sixteen and she thinks she knows everything. Sylvia is ruining her life and the life of her family by being emancipated. So from lack of personal freedom to her age(16) to not enough personal space Sylvia is left to decide whether emancipation is a good choice or not.

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  1. I do not think that you should use the word Divorce for describing emancipation, try something like "disowning" instead. You have not taken a clear side on this topic, you need to do that... Also you need to take another look at the essay structure (You have no quotes.)


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