Monday, January 30, 2012

Alex Rambousek

Dear Sylvia,
Don't leave!!! By emancipating yourself from your home, you will have many problems later in life. There is a great family with you right no. like my mom used to say, "You don't know what you have until it's gone." There are many reasons for you to stay right where you are right now.
First off, if you run away from your home at 16, where would you go? You wouldn't be able to stay with your boyfriend because he is at college, and the college campus wouldn't let you stay there. Staying at a friend's or relative's house wouldn't work either because the would most likely send you home after a day or so. Also, if you stayed at a homeless shelter you would be in a less comfortable position than you are already in. For example, you will be sharing a room, and most likely, there will be more people to share the room with. You may have a bit more freedom than yo have now, but you will also have more responsibility. Since you really have nowhere to go, you shouldn't run away.
Secondly, if you did find a place to stay, how would you earn a living? At the age of 16 it is already hard to find employment because you most likely will not have much history of job experience, if any at all. Also, a job at 16 is not going to be a high paying job. You will start off on minimum wage, which probably won't be enough to pay for food and shelter, and your pay will increase very slowly up a short line. Because it would be difficult to earn a living at the age of 16, you shouldn't run away.
Third, why do you want to leave at the age of 16? Why don't you pack up your bag right now and leave? At the age of 16 people are not going to take you as an adult. You will not be able to get a high-paying job, and you will not be able to find a good place to live. If you wait until you are 18, then your life will be much better off in the long run. You'll be able to finish high school, which will give you a lot more job choices. Also, when you're 18 you are technically an adult. By being an adult people will wee you differently and have more respect towards you. Since your life will be better off if you wait until 18 to leave the house, you shouldn't run away.
Running away isn't going to solve your problems, if anything, running awya will only make your problems worse. When you run away, there isn;t really any place for you to safely go. At the age of 16, it's difficult to find a well-paying job that you could happily live with. By running away at 16, your family and friends will be worried about you, and it will be difficult to survive on your own. If you care about yourself, DON'T LEAVE!!!


  1. I think I would rate this a 3. I could tell which side of the argument you were on, and you gave some good reason. I think maybe if there were some quotes and you followed the key a little more, especially in the opening paragraph, it would be a 4. Nice job. :]

  2. I agree with Annii, you did a good job of being clear as to your side but you left out any quotes. Although I can only tell that there are 3 paragraphs, There should be at least 5; Introduction, 2 body paragraphs and a conclusion.


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