Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cody Burkheimer

Dear Sylvia

Please take this into consideration Sylvia that there are consequences to emancipating from your home. First of all, you don’t have a supportive job you can thrive off of. Also you have to be 18 in order to move out, and buy/rent a home. Finally you don’t have a car to get your self back to where you are going to live. That is why you should not emancipate, you don’t have a high enough income, you aren’t 18, and you don’t own a car.

If you want to emancipate, you need more than minimum wage of $8.50 per hour. Also you need a high school diploma to have higher paying job , but you aren’t even out of high school. Finally you need to work Mon-Fri full time, but again you cant work on week days because of school reserving those days. That is why you should not move out, your income is not high enough to support you.

You also aren’t at the the age of 18. The reason you should be 18 is because you are considered an adult. Also in order to legally own or rent a home you must be 18. And usually by 18, you are out of high school by then, so you can work full time and own a home. That is why you should not emancipate from your home.

Although you may have a drivers licences, you don’t own a car. Cars can be expensive to buy or maintain. Even when you manage to buy a car, you have to pay a certain amount of money depending on the car to register it, and periodic renewal of the tabs. Also you have to pay for gas which is getting quite expensive. That is why you should not emancipate from you home, if you can’t afford a car you can’t afford to move out.

Those are the reason should not emancipate. You don’t have a high enough income to support you. You aren’t at the age that will benefit you most. And you lack a car to get you from place to place. So please think this through before doing so, than regretting it later.

A friend


  1. I would give this a 3 because it follows the key, but you have to have four reasons not three to at least pass. Anyway great job!

  2. I disagree with daniel. I believe this deserves a 2 because it demonstrates a weak ability to persuade the reader. Transitions are not existent, and the key sturcture is weak. The first contention does not connect ideas efficiently. The second argument is better but doesn't articulate well. The third contention uses great information, but I don't feel that it applies this to persuade Sylvia effectively. In my opinion, the best fit for this response is a 4.


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