Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Don't Leave, Sylvia!

The best parties in town, complete with boys, food, and at no cost to you. Sylvia, if you leave your home you won't have access to any of these things. I know you are feeling restricted from your boyfriend, and upset at having to share a room with you sister, among other things, but all this could be to your benefit. Sylvia, even though you feel like a prisoner at home, you should stay there because you have plenty of food, clothes to steal form your sister, boys in your neighborhood, and a house for parties.

The first reason that you should stay at home, Sylvia, is because you have healthy food. Although you may think that you can live off of cheap fast food having free, and healthy, food will help to keep you from feeling sick and tired. A dietitian from Harvard conducted a national experiment and recorded the results in his book. “Those who eat at McDonalds less than three times a week will live long and healthy lives.” (The Art of Fast Food 107). Having home cooked meals will save you from having to eat fast food, which can make you sick. Sylvia, even though you dislike your home, you should stay for the food.

A second reason for staying at home, Sylvia, is because of all the clothes you can steal from your sister. Sharing a room means you can also share a wardrobe, which in turn means twice as many clothes, which can be very useful. A fashion expert, Resemee Aljervaunhume, states on her website; “Girls who take clothing from younger, less fashionable, delinquents have the rare opportunity to expand their cultural taste, a skill that can later be useful in certain careers.” (The Un-Fashionable 4). Though your younger sister's clothes may seem un-salvageable, if you are able to use them it could become useful one day when you're looking for job, this wont be available if you leave home. Even though staying at home means staying with your sister, it also means you have your sister's clothing to wear, which is why you should stay, Sylvia.

Another reason why you should stay at home, Sylvia, is because of all the boys in your neighborhood. Although you may miss your boyfriend, you have plenty of boys nearby. According to a local census; “65% of the population of Pillsburry consists of 16 to 20 year old males.” (2011 Census). Because of all the males nearby in your age range, you do not even need to think about your boyfriend. Sylvia, having a boyfriend miles away may seem tough, but if you stay at home you will always have a boy close at hand.

The final reason that you should stay at home, Sylvia, is because of the party space. If you are at home you will have the perfect place to invite friends over to for a great time, without the cover charges. “Married couples leave their home on vacation every one to two months.” (Algorian Travel Institute). Couples like to get out of the house, especially married ones, which leaves it open for you to host parties. If you stay at home, Sylvia, you will have a free location to entertain guests at every few months.

My friend Sylvia, I know you feel like your parents are oppressing you, but if you consider that you have plenty of healthy food to eat, your younger sister's clothes to borrow, plenty of boys nearby, and a free party haven, I would encourage you to stay at your current address as long as you can.


  1. I would have to give this a 4
    The letter explains in great detail of why Sylvia should stay at home rather than seek emancipation from her home. Each paragraph has its own citation explaining another reason why she should stay, and this follows the key very well.

  2. I agree with Scott it follows the key and shows clearly which side of the argument you are on.

  3. I also think that this should get a 4 because it makes sense, follows the key structure.

    (and it is like perfect=D)


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