Monday, January 23, 2012

Emma LeFevre :)

I do not think that Sylvia should seek emancipation from her home because, she has kind of lame reasons, she would have no place to live, she needs to learn to deal with difficult people, and she would have no money.

First she has lame reasons. having to share a room with your sister is not that bad. I think that Sylvia should set boundaries in her room that her sister is not allowed to pass. Also, having to share a room is no reason to seek emancipation from her home. She should learn to share a room because in college she will most likely have to share a room, along with other times in her life. Next, just because your boyfriend is in college does not mean that you have to move out. You can still see him and talk to him and text him and stuff It's not like your totally cut off from him. And if he is in college he could be 24 and she is 16 that's kind of weird!

Second, Where would she live? If she is planning on living with her boyfriend she might have to think again. If he lives on the college campus then they probably won't let her. Also, what is she suppose to do while he is in his classes? If she does not live with him who else would she live with? She might be able to live with one of her friends but that would have to be with one whose parents agree with what she did, otherwise they would probably just tell her to go home and deal! And I guarantee you that most parents will probably not agree with what she did. and the reasons that she did it.

Third, she really should learn to deal with difficult people, because in the course of her life there will be lots of people that she does not like or does not agree with, that she will have to associate with. What is she going to do if she Does not like something that the manager of her job does? quite? once when someone I know was working at JC Penny's the new manager told them that they had to go through the entire store and re-price everything so if something was $17.99 they had to re-price It to $18.00 And all of the stickers had to be perfectly straight. then they had to change all the red clearance tags to blue clearance tags and make sure they were straight. She did not agree with the manager but she freak out, no she did what he said even though she didn't like it. So If Sylvia never learns to deal with annoying people how will she ever be able to go through life without quitting jobs, moving out of apartments, and freaking out at people? She has to learn this skill

Last, how would she get money? Even If she had a job how would Sylvia be able to pay for all the things that she needs such as, clothing, shoes, food, bills, shampoo, conditioner, and all the other things we as humans need? A 16 year olds job will not be able to pay for all of these things. Also, 16 year olds usually are not able to tell the things that they need from the things that they want. For example, she may want the pair of $200.00 boots that are super cute and $50.00 off but does she need she does not.

As you can see Sylvia should not seek emancipation from her home, because she has lame reasons she would have no place to live, she needs to learn to deal with difficult people, and as far as money is concerned...she would have no money. These four things are just some of the reasons that Sylvia should stay and live at home.


  1. This is more of a persuasive essay, but I would rate it as a 3! It is very detailed and reasonable. Im not a perfect person in grading, but this is my reason for giving you this grade! :)

  2. I agree with Daniel this is more like a persuasive essay.-Brian


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