Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Caleb Barthe

                 Sylvia you’re not ready not ready to be on your own! You may think you your responsible enough to be on your own but your way to young. Leaving you parents house would be a bad move because you have no job so that means no money, you also have no place to live, and your lack of “freedom” is only because your parents want to protect you.                             
                  First off Sylvia leaving right now would be bad because you have no job and your young so it would be hard to find one. Without a job you wouldn’t have any money and according to the MMC (Minors missing cash) “half of the minors without jobs don’t make it far in life” ( and if you don’t make it far in life you are going to end up as a single mom living in some crappy apartments while addicted to drugs. Another thing you can’t do without money is buy things and we all know how much girls like to shop but you wouldn’t be able to without a job. So no new shoes or new clothes if you get emancipated without a job.                                    
                    The next reason if getting emancipated would be bad is because you don’t have a place to stay. The other day I was talking to the hobo on the corner and he said “being homeless is no fun.” (Hobo on the corner) So unless you want to live a life devoid of fun and shelter I would suggest not getting emancipated until you have the money to afford a place to live. Unless you want to be a hobo wait till your old enough and have a place to live.                                     
                       The last reason is you think your parents are “strict.” The reason they are is so they can protect you. You may think your parents have rules just to torture you but it’s just so they can protect you from all the junk in this world. I saw a statistic from PAEO (parents against emancipation organization) and it said “93% of all 14-17 year olds who get emancipated end up being homeless criminals.” ( So unless you want to be a homeless single mother criminal don’t get emancipated and listen to your parents rules.
            Leaving home at such a young age is not such a good idea because this world is full of evil people. Sylvia you don’t have a job to buy your basic needs, you don’t have a roof over your head, and you would be eaten alive by this world. Sylvia you’re not old enough to be on your own!

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  1. I rate this paper as a 3. Overall it was successful in being persuasive, though the paragraphs could have flowed better. The introduction clearly stated the author's opionon on the issue. The conclusion did not restate the thesis fully, but did list the supporting details. The body paragraphs provided evidence to support the details.


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